About Vintage

Vintage could mean a lot of things to you personally, universally and fashionably.

We imagine ourselves living in the yesteryears where our mums and grandmas grace their everyday lives with these gorgeous tailored dresses.

We learn and appreciate history, and adapt the old things with contemporary fusion to make things interesting.

We are curious at the stories behind all these one of a kind pieces, and wonder at the amazement of the passing down of these beauties from one generation to another, one owner at a time.

We just want to give out a hand in helping the world decreasing its overwhelming mass productions. And we simply can't bear to see these beauties ended up in the dump and torn to pieces of nothingness. To us, we're holding on the evidence of history.

We love experimenting the old and the new, the impossible and the whimsical, celebrating individuality and also sharing of love.

"I absolutely love giving garments that look ugly and outdated to most people a stylish new life!" - Ivania Carpio

We simply can't find a reason not to love vintage.

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